The Pellinore/Bedivere/Tintagel Range



• The Pellinore, Bedivere and Tintagel are traditionally designed chairs with an overall identical appearance. These chairs have scroll arms, handset and magazine pocket as standard. The Pellinore and Tintagel are available in standard to bariatric sizes. The Bedivere is specifically a medium sized chair.
• The Tintagel Quad Motor bariatric chair is incredibly versatile with a 40 stone (250kg) capacity and a 25 stone (160kg) leg lift.
• Available in Single/Wallhugger/Dual/TIS Dual/Triple/Quad Motor
• 7 interchangeable back designs (Waterfall/Envelope/Button/2 Pillow/Lateral Support/Flat/T Back)
• See our website for Fabric Choices; with a wide selection of fabrics available including Brisa® on all our chairs
• Standard 2 Year Warranty with an additional 5 Year Warranty on parts only for selected models

Standard Dimensions

  Seat Height Seat Depth Seat Width Back Height Arm Height Weight Capacity
Pellinore 18" 19" 20" 28" 8.5" 25/25 Stone
Bedivere 17" 17" 18" 26" 8.5" 20/25 Stone
Tintagel 18" 19" 20" 28" 8.5" 20/25 Stone

Bespoke Dimensions

  Seat Height Seat Depth Seat Width Back Height Arm Height Weight Capacity
Pellinore +16"-21"*+ 17"-21" 19"-28" 26"-33" 7"-9" 25/35 Stone
Bedivere +16"- 19"*+ 16"-19" 17"-18" 25"-30" 7"-9" 20/25 Stone
Tintagel +16"-21"+ 17"-21" 19"-30"# & 34"## 26"-33" 7"-9" 20/25/35/40#/ 50##
/70## Stone
130/160/220 /250#/

Chair Actions

  Manual Single Motor Wallhugger Dual Motor Tilt in Space Dual Triple Motor Quad Motor Matching Suite
Pellinore No No No No Yes No No Yes
Bedivere No Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
Tintagel No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
#Q uad Motor Tintagel seat width 23” - 30” 40 stone capacity with 25 stone leg lift. ##Applies to 34” wide Triple Motor only.

+ 16” seat heights only available with special order low profile undercarriages (Pellinore /Bedivere/Tintagel). Wallhugger only available at 20” width

Optional extras (see Specifications page: 23)

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