Pressure Care

Pressure Care Optional Extras

• Reflexion™ memory foam (seat/footrest/arms)
• PrimaGel layered foam, castellated upper gel insert.
• Gel cushion (Synergel).
• Alternating air cushion.
• VP Vapour Permeable fabric 4 way stretch.
The following types of pressure care are available to use in our chair models:

• Reflexion Memory Foam (seat/footrest/arms)
• PrimaGel layered foam, castellated upper gel insert
• Synergel Gel Cushion
• Alternating Air Cushion
• VP Vapour Permeable fabric 4 way stretch

Reflexion Memory Foam

Reflexion relieves pressure problems by distributing weight more evenly; thus helping to prevent pressure sores. Reflexion is made up of two separate layers, working together to create outstanding performance capabilities. Reflex foam provides comfort when used in seating and is available in a soft medium and a firm density. Reflex foam is designed to regain its shape even after years of use.

Prima Gel

PrimaGel cushions use combustion modified high resilient foam with a profiled castellated upper surface to increase pressure distribution, encasing a silicon gel sac, which dissipates pressure in areas of high loading and is covered in two way stretch vapour permeable fabric to improve pressure reduction. Weight capacity; 21 stone maximum.


The main pressure relieving qualities of the Dimension Gel are that it reduces shear and friction it’s unique design.

With the reduction of sheer and friction it reduces the rate of heat build up.

The air also travels through the cells that keep the gel and skin cool and any moisture build up runs away between the cells.

As it is medical grade silicone the consistency of the gel stays the same at any temperature so there is no risk of ‘bottoming’ out in hot conditions or the gel becoming hard in extremely cool conditions.

These are all of the properties that give the gel it’s unique pressure reducing qualities but it is not something that can simply be Pressure Mapped to produce a figure or reading because this does not take into account its pressure reducing qualities and also each client will produce a different reading.

The pads are widely used to treat clients who are at high risk of pressure sores and are usually issued by Tissue Viability Departments or Specialist Seating Centres who need high pressure relief for particular clients. Weight capacity; 70 stone maximum.

Alternating Air Cushion

Alternating pressure relief cushion, which comprises of a foam base, six alternating air cells and a pump. The control unit features an adjustable pressure control, which can be altered via a control knob within pre-set levels. A visual indicator displays the pressure levels and warns of low pressure. The cushion is supplied with a two-way stretch polyurethane waterproof and vapour permeable cover.
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